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e-File Processes

e-Filing a New Case

The basic steps for e-Filing a new case are:

e-Filing to an existing case

Often, you need to submit a follow-up filing. Filing to an existing case is very similar to filing a new case. You need to:

To file to an existing case::

Checking the Status of My Submissions

Whenever you e-File to the Court, the case status is immediately updated to reflect its progress. Status changes happen rapidly as submissions are processed by the Court's server; sometimes so rapidly that you may not notice them. You can use the Filing Status dialog box to display and track the status changes for each submission.
It is a good idea to review filing statuses regularly to make sure that submissions are processed. For example, a status may include a note from the Clerk of the Court notifying you of additional costs due.

To list current filing statuses from the eFlex home page, click the Filing Status button. Each entry in the list represents the status of a submission. These entries are temporary and are deleted after 90 days. The current status of a submission is listed in the Status column, as follows:

Clicking the link in the Status column displays a Filing Status dialog box with extensive details about that submission/filing.

If you want to limit the list to a set time period, use the calendar icons to select a starting and ending date, and then click the Go button.

To display the documents associated with a filing, click the [+] symbol next to it in the Filing ID column. The [+] symbol changes to a [-] and the documents are listed. You can then click a document name link to display the document. Clicking the [-] symbol next to the document type hides the document list.

Draft Filings

The Draft Filings feature acts as a backup if you are disconnected from the Internet or need to move away from eFlex. Once you have moved to at least the Add a Document page within eFlex you will have a button choice of Move to Draft. Whenever you begin creating a new submission, eFlex records data each time you advance to the next screen, including any document data you have loaded. If your Internet connection goes down, the system creates a draft of your submission automatically. When you're back online, you can continue the process. Each time you log out, if there are submissions in your Draft Filings queue you will be asked 'Are you sure you want to log out?'. Clicking on the 'Yes' button keeps the draft items in the Draft Filings queue. Clicking on the 'No' button permits you to stay logged in and continue working.

To resume work on a draft filing:

Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF)(e-Service)

Once you have e-Filed a case, you are electronically linked to that case. You will start receiving NEF posts to your account after clerk approval.

Whenever someone sends a follow-up submission on that case, the e-Filing system posts an NEF to your account.
You only receive NEF notifications on cases that appear on your My Cases list. This list displays the cases in which you are registered as a participant. Note: Notifications are not permanent. They are deleted after a set period of time, as determined by the Court. Also, they do not replace current Court Rules and procedures which require filers to send paper notifications to the parties involved in the case. Check your notifications regularly, download any documents associated with them, and delete the old notifications. Notifications that haven't been viewed have a closed envelope icon beside them. Once you have reviewed a notification, its envelope icon opens.

To view the NEF list:

Notifications do not display detailed case information; for more complete information, click My Recent Cases on the home page or select Cases My Cases from the home menu.

How do I know who will be served electronically?

Payment Problems

There are several conditions that could cause your submittance to have payment problems. Example:
  1. If the filer selects the Special Waiver or Request Payment Waiver option without prior Court approval the filing will be returned with status Not Accepted:

Note: Your credit card will not be charged until the clerk has approved your submittance.

Notice of Case Association (NOCA)

If you are a pro se filer you will need to associate yourself to the case in order to receive NEFs (Notice of Electronic Filing).

Deposit Code Instructions

If you get to the Review and Approve Filings page and there are additional costs due you will see an 'Error' message in red font informing you that a MINIMAL ADDITIONAL DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED.

If an additional deposit is required:

This will take you back to the Review and Approve Filing page.