Using The eFlex Menus  

The Home menu bar appears at the top of most eFlex dialogs:

The name of the current user appears at the far right of the menu bar. This name is provided from your user profile. You can access and edit your profile information by selecting My Profile > My User Profile.

You can use the menu options to move through e-Files and perform various functions. Whever you leave a dialog, the information you have entered as part of your submission is saved as a Draft.

The Home Page is displayed whenever you login. It is your starting point as a filer. 

You can use the Home buttons and menu bar options to perform the most necessary tasks, as follows:

Use the e-File option on the Home menu to create new submissions or check on the status of your submissions.

Use Cases to access information about the cases you are participating in electronically, including the case histories and the notifications received from other filers.

Use My Profile to review or edit your Profile information and to change your password.

Use Logout to logout. Keep in mind that if you leave your web browser inactive for more than 20 minutes, your session will time out. This is standard behavior for web applications.