You can click Log Out on the Home Menu and then choose Yes to log out of eFlex and terminate your session.

 eFlex is a web application.  Your web session terminates automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. A session is considered active as long as you are interacting with the web server. Typing text on-screen does not actually count as being ‘active’.  To stay active, you must choose a menu option that communicates with the host.  For example, if you do not click a button or select a menu option within 20 minutes, the session times out and logs you out. Since nothing changes on-screen when you are automatically logged out, you may think that you are still connected to the host.  Nevertheless, when you do click a button, you will be asked to login again.  

Each time you log out properly, a message alerts you whenever you have any draft filings in order to give you the oppportunity to clean up unwanted items.