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Getting Started
  • Who can e-File?
  • Does it cost to e-File?
  • How do I get an account?
  • How do I get training?
  • What can I e-File?
  • Do I need to install any software?
  • What kind of Internet Access do I need?
e-Filing Overview
  • Basic concepts
  • What is the Filers Interface?
  • What is the Clerk Review process?
  • What can I e-File?
Court Rules and Procedures
Preparing to e-File
  • How do I create my documents?
  • What is a PDF document and how can I create one?
  • How do I include paper exhibits with my submission?
  • Is there a limit on how large a document can be?
  • What do I do if my document is too large?
  • How do I make an Additional Deposit?
e-File Processes
  • e-Filing a new case
  • e-Filing on an existing case
  • Checking the Status of my submissions
  • Draft Filings
  • Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) (e-service)
  • How do I know who will be served electronically?
  • Payment problems
e-Filing FAQs
Tips and Tricks
  • Who can e-File?
  • When does e-Filing begin?
  • Do I need special software to e-File?
  • Do I need special hardtware to e-File?
  • Can I e-File all Probate Court case types?
  • Are there certain hours of the day when I can e-File?
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