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WELCOME to Electronic Filing in Franklin County, Ohio!

Whether you are an attorney or a pro se filer (representing yourself without representation from legal counsel) we provide information to assist your experience in e-Filing.

Included in the following link are current notices and updates, helpful guides, instructions and contact information. This Clerk of Court’s role is to provide assistance, without offering any legal advice—from which we are specifically prohibited to provide. However, we will offer our best in service to you, with the result that your filing is successfully submitted to either this county’s Court of Common Pleas or 10th District Court of Appeals.

e-Filing Resources by Division

Additional assistance offered by contacting the specific Division. Please call 614-525-3600, and ask to be transferred to the selected Division.

New Rulings.
Effective January 1, 2015 per Local Rule 41 and Juvenile Rule 38, each Request for Service by a Process Server must be accompanied by a current copy of the Order appointing that Process Server.
New Process Server Guide.
If the Order appointing the Process Server has expired or does not contain an expiration date, please see "Process Server Guide to Submitting Appointment Order” on the Clerk of Court’s e-Filing site http://www.franklincountyohio.gov/clerk/e-File.cfm. Navigate to the Juvenile section under the e-Filing tab.

Domestic CPO filings must be filed traditionally.
These filings are not to be e-Filed, per the Domestic Admin Order.

Firm Account Management for the Franklin County e-Filing system.
Available to participating law firms a Firm Account Management account for reconciling their monthly filing fees through the Franklin County e-Filing system. To request a Firm Account Management account for your law firm, please email the Franklin County Clerk's office at: efilinghelp-clerk@franklincountyohio.gov

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